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“This young performer overshadows everything, her voice, her actions, the whole package, and that is a very good thing.” 
- Industry Insider


As her guitar roars beneath her fingers, starry-eyed singer/songwriter Caley Chapman’s vocals glide across her pop/rock anthems with vivid melodic color. Spilling her heart onto the page, she displays a natural songwriting ability to guide a rhythm through her raw emotions. Despite her age, she demonstrates a remarkable understanding of cadence, theme and composition that ‌sets‌ ‌her‌ ‌apart‌ ‌from‌ ‌her‌ ‌generation. ‌ Caley’s eager energy radiates through her sound, leaving every track as a gleaming testament to her incredible potential.


Having written her first song at the age of 6, it became clear that music was a big part of her DNA. Growing up in Reno, Nevada, Caley performed at festivals, showcases, and open mics, which cultivated a steadily-growing fanbase. At age 13, she and her dad moved to Nashville, TN to pursue her goals of a music career. Caley heavily credits her dad for her success, noting that “he has supported [her] endlessly.” In 2016, Caley was nominated at the Forte Awards for Female Vocalist of the Year - a feat that promised much more was on the horizon.


Arching across her discography, Caley simultaneously writes and records the chapters of her diaries. Her latest EP release, entitled ‘I DON’T CARE', embodies a lively young woman in the kaleidoscopic midst of youth. Working with notable Producer and Music Director Kent Wells (long-associated with music legend Dolly Parton), Caley excitedly shared that she “felt like a real rock star” through the experience, recording songs that she describes as “fun, highly-relatable, and [speak] to everyone.”


Caley cherishes the ties between her music and live performances, putting a strong emphasis on her relationship with her fans. “I love how unique other artists are with their shows and how they can make it like a story,” she professes, citing the influences of Paramore, No Doubt, and Taylor Swift, “I cannot wait to create something like that.” Having already performed at the infamous Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, she’s currently preparing for her 2020 tour dates.


This Spring 2020 Caley is on tour in a series of family-friendly, fundraising rock concerts in conjunction with the Firefighters Union and various Tennessee Firefighters Associations. Show proceeds contribute to these organizations and the great work they do. 


Caley's message is to empower and encourage others to be strong in who they are. 

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